Walking in a Deadly and Destructive Winter Wonderland – Second Day of Winter 2013

Yesterday was the 1st day of Winter and we had Ice, well that got me moving because I could go and take some very beautiful pictures. I love ice and rain on the trees and bushes. Today however is a totally different story. This morning around 4:00am I woke up like a normally do, with my muscles at it once again. Once awake, I heard a very loud crack, I knew what it was, it was a tree breaking due to the heavy ice that was now covering everything. This went on for hours. When my husband finally woke up, I said lets go take some pictures, as I know some trees are down. This was at 8:30am and we stayed out for an hour. The devastation was unreal, it had started raining by now, lightly at first, by the time we got home, we were soaked.┬áThe more we walked and took pictures, the more we heard and felt the ice under our feet, but the more “Cracks” we kept hearing and then would see a tree break or just hear it fall, I felt like I was in a huge forest, the sound was deafening. The beautiful pathways that I talked about yesterday were now littered with broken trees and branches all covered in thick amounts of ice. On the ground were ice cubes, this was the ice that broke loose from some of the branches. I didn’t get any shots of trees falling, as it was too fast for me to focus, but you definitely don’t want to be near one or under any branches when this happens as ice goes flying everywhere. In some of the pictures, you can see how thick the ice is on very narrow branches. I only took closeups of those trees I knew weren’t going to come crashing down on me.

We heard from another gentleman who was out walking with his teenage son that one of the grounds keepers for the park had told him another park was completely gone. The trees were big and old, a couple of hundred years old, they all came crashing down. What a shame. I know we will have a lot of trees that just won’t be able to be saved around here, they will cut them down. I just checked the weather for the next week and we will be below freezing all week long, our trees don’t stand a chance.

Hundreds of Thousands of people are without power here in Ontario. For those of you who are in doors, if you don’t have to go out, don’t. Stay inside and stay warm. For those of you who do have to go out, take care, drive carefully and be careful to not be under any tree branches, walking or driving. Please be patient for my slide show to load, you will see some of the same shots from yesterday, only today there’s devastation.

Yesterday was beautiful, today is very sad, the rest of the week, well it’s hard to say but I believe there will be more devastation! Mother Nature sure is fickle!