For My Friend Nancy…a Good Day!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been 8 months since I posted. I started this website to post pictures of everyday life events. Currently I’m on Short Term leave from work due to a stupid tumor on my spine…they are still investigating…it’s been over 3 months since they found it. Plus I have a neuromuscular condition which means my muscles have seizures and I’m supposed to remain stress free as my muscles never stop moving, which means my body never rests, I digress, that’s another story.

The story today is about my friend Nancy, whom I call Mom, even though she’s a year younger than me and let me tell you, she’s worse than the typical mother hen…but that’s why I love her so much. She takes care of everyone in our department and she’s my backup trainer, I’m so proud of her, there’s nothing she can’t or won’t do. She’s so passionate about everything, she care’s about everyone, she keeps in touch with you when you’re on Short Term because she genuinely cares. Well she’s been after me to send her pictures, because that’s about all I do anymore is take pictures and sleep. I’m also currently working on two websites that I hope I can make a go of. Today my husband and I met Nancy and her husband at Tim Hortons in Streetsville, another co-worker Susan was at the farmers market selling her wares, she makes fantastic jams. So we sat in Timmy’s for a while and then we went and saw Susan, we had a wonderful time and even helped Susan in trying to sell her wares, although she might not call it that. I had a good day today, I don’t have many, so I was very happy!

So Nancy, my good friend, MOM, here are pictures for you. It’s a slide show and the pictures are big, so it might take a few minutes to load, so in the mean time you can also check out more of my pictures at these other websites:

These will come in big, just scroll down to see a lot more:

Or you can look at some more on this site:

Or, I know you don’t have a Facebook account, but I have my pictures open to the public, so here’s some more from Facebook:

So there my dear friend, I hope I’ve given you enough pictures to look at for a while. You know I have more, it’s just a matter of getting them to look the way I want them to look and then posting them.  Please feel free to share this website.