Thank You Alcon Customer Service for the Flowers, the Bear and the Get Well Wishes!

I would like to thank Alcon Customer Service (my work friends) for the flowers, my stuffed bear and the Get Well Wishes in the card that was attached. They mean so much to me, all of you mean so much to me. You are the best Customer Service Department in the world, I am proud(…)


For My Friend Nancy…a Good Day!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been 8 months since I posted. I started this website to post pictures of everyday life events. Currently I’m on Short Term leave from work due to a stupid tumor on my spine…they are still investigating…it’s been over 3 months since they found it. Plus I have a neuromuscular condition(…)


Walking in a Deadly and Destructive Winter Wonderland – Second Day of Winter 2013

Yesterday was the 1st day of Winter and we had Ice, well that got me moving because I could go and take some very beautiful pictures. I love ice and rain on the trees and bushes. Today however is a totally different story. This morning around 4:00am I woke up like a normally do, with(…)


Walking in a Winter Wonderland – First Day of Winter 2013

So today is the first day of Winter – 21-December-2013 and after the stressful day, week, and month I’ve had it was time to go for a nice long walk in the crisp December air. Winter has certainly come in with a blast, as we currently have ice, but that’s ok, because I love taking(…)


Crisp Windy Fall Day in November

Hubby and I live right next to a lake, so here’s some pics from our 30 minute walk today near home; featuring leaves, a leaf falling from the the beautiful blue sky with big white puffy clouds and lots of Squirrels! All my pictures in this set have January 1, 2000 on them, as I(…)